EDDM: Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Cost Effective and Targeted Local EDDM Print and Digital Ad Marketing Services

Promote and Advertise to Every Household or Business in Your Targeted Area with Every Door Direct Mail.


Powerful Flyer and Postcard Promotions Made Simple.

What is EDDM?
EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. Designed to help businesses deploy promotions and advertisements to a targeted area in Ohio and throughout the country. This U.S. Postal Service program allows the customer to have their mailer hand delivered to every mailbox along chosen routes. EDDM is a easy and cost effective alternative to traditional direct mail that allows you to saturate the market and promote to every household or business in a desired location with postcards, flyers or sell sheets.

Benefits of EDDM
Reach customers at home. Get messages, sales and promotions directly into the hands of your target consumer.
No more mailing lists. Let us and the USPS do the work of creating precise lists to saturate specific areas, saving you the hassle and cost of generating your own list.
Flexible size ranges. Choose from our diverse selection of size and finishing options that fit into the USPS’s EDDM restrictions for virtually endless marketing possibilities.
Full service solution. Ordering is simple and we take care of the bundling, paperwork and delivery to the USPS.

Minimum Effort. Maximum Possibilities!
If you want to enhance your targeted mailing Ask about our Online Digital Marketing Service.

Our strategies give you the freedom to sit back, relax and watch your business grow! Contact us Today to go over solutions for your targeted area, time frame and budget.

1. Target Your Ideal Customers

We have a custom mapping program to select carrier routes and zip codes with demographic and radius filters for your target market. No expensive mailing list, addressing, or permits required with EDDM.

2. Choose Your Product

Pick from any of our USPS approved Every Door Direct Mail Postcards or Brochures. Supply artwork or we can design it for you.


3. Select Your Mailing Dates

Choose your ideal drop dates, sit back and our Full Service EDDM Service takes care of everything else or add Targeted Local Digital Marketing for maximum impact.

4. We Deliver Your Message

We take care of the complex EDDM process for you. We fill out the forms, bundle the orders, and delivery direct to the local USPS post office for distribution. It’s that easy to get Maximum Exposure with Minimum Effort.


Sample EDDM Postcard Mailing and Selected Routes
In the above sample our targeted postcard promotion area was the zip code 43082 and more specifically the area near Westerville Central High School. The campaign was a tremendous success and we were able to reach over 650 residential and business addresses for less than $500. Contact us today and maximize your possibilities!